Skopos allows you to add your own phishing templates to be used in a phishing campaign.

In this menu, the currently used templates are shown with the possibility to either test or delete the phishing mail. When the “Test” button is clicked, a phishing mail is sent to the email of the currently logged-in user. To add the phishing mail to the campaign manager, no further action is needed. 


Adding a new template is easily done by pressing the “Add new template” button. 

Your HTML Email and landing-page can be either dragged in its corresponding box or be selected via your PC’s navigator by pressing the button in the box. Furthermore, a subject for the phishing mail is added by typing in the box under “Subject”.


At last, some useful variables can be added in the HTML file to make the phishing mail more personal. This is done with:

A suggestion for the link to the landingpage is to add it as:

    <a href = “{link_url}”>Click here</a>

Instead of plain text. In a similar way, you could make this a button instead with the <button> HTML-tag.