How do employees react to phishing attempts?

This is important. Phishing is a preferred method by all types of criminals to gain access to organizations.

Curious how your employees respond?

You can use Skopos to run a phishing campaign. It’s under ‘Manage team’ – ‘Phishing’.

You can select two options (1) Instant Campaign and (2) Planning:

(1) Instant Campaign

The instant campaign allows for a direct phishing action. You can the following wizard.

First step is to select the template you want to use. Currently Skopos offers English (en) and Dutch (nl) (

In a new release you will be able to add your own custom template).

Select a template and press add. If you pick multiple employees will receive multiple phishing emails.


Please NEXT to move to the next step. Here you can select the employees to include in the campaign.

Add the required employees or all and press SEND to start the campaign.

You are now taken back to the main page and can see the status of the phishing attempts.

(2) Planning

Skopos can schedule phishing attempts based on your preference or audit cycle. Step 1 is to select the frequency:

You can also DISABLE the current phishing campaign.

The rest of the steps is similar to the Instant Campaign (previous paragraph).