1. Activate account

You should receive an email from Skopos get started. Skopos created two accounts for your organisation. This is a user and an admin account. The user accounts captures technical data used for risk assessments. The admin accounts shows you the cyber risks of your organisation via the dashboard. The admin will also receive alerts by email about risks.

You will receive the account details by the email address you provided to Skopos. The email with contain a link to activate your account at https://portal.skoposlab.eu. If you did not receive an invitation or want to change your email please contact us.

After logon you will see that the dashboard is still empty. Let's get Skopos to work and collect your cyber data! What you can do now is change your password under 
'Settings'. We recommend you enable two-factor authentication or FIDO. The screen looks like this:

Good to know:

After someone, most likely you, logs on with your details from a new location, you will receive an email alert.

2. Inform colleagues

Communications is very important. Once your account is activated we recommend you inform your colleagues.

Here is a draft that can help you get started. Email it around and post internally.

Dear all,

Cyber security becomes more and more important for our organisation, especially since many of us work from home.
We want to ensure our brand, reputation and customer data are secure.

For this reason, we partner with Skopos.AI, experts in cyber security (www.skopos.ai). Their platform will continuously test our organisation for security vulnerabilities. It will help us reduce our risk to cyber- and ransomware attacks.

In the coming days you will receive an invitation from them to install a piece of software. The email will have a subject that says 'Invitation to install Skopos Teams for online security' This app scans our laptops for vulnerabilities and unpatched software. The app only uses technical information. If you have any questions, please contact support@skopos.ai.
Each one of us will also receive a questionnaire by email to test our cyber awareness knowledge. This will be used to see where we need to improve our skills to stay safe online

If you have any questions, please don´t hesitate and contact me.

Kind regards,

3 Increase success

There are a few ways you can drive adoption and usage in a short time. In our experience it is best to communicate the message, that you are implementing Skopos, via different channels in your organisation. It helps even more to link this to a clear goal. Some clients for example aim for 90% adoption in the first week of roll out. This means that out of a 100 employees, 90 run the agent.

Now we are ready to tell Skopos what to do, please go to step 2 'Gathering data'.