Objective: this installation guide helps you to install the Skopos Agent on MacOs devices.

Requirements for the client:

  • E-mail address
  • The agent requires to be installed with administrator rights
  • The script requires access via SSL, port 443

What does the installer do?

  • A service is added
  • The service will run every two hours
  • A private/public key pair will be generated to encrypt a random password
  • This password is used to zip the stack data and encrypt it
  • Twice daily this data will be shared via the Skopos api
  • Connection is made to https://backend.skoposlab.eu/api/
  • The private/public key pair will be renewed every week (per server)
  • Log information will be written to the system logging

Steps to install:

Get the file
    Download the installer from https://skoposlab.eu/client_software/latest/Skopos%20MacOS%20Agent%20Installer.pkg

Start the installer

Follow the installer

  • Enter your e-mail address