Installation guide for Skopos Agent on Linux

Objective: this installation guide helps you to install the Skopos agent on a Linux distro (e.g. Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu). Note: This is the generic installation guide using the installer script. If you prefer to use packages from a repository (Debian based systems are supported at the moment), skip to the end of this article.

Requirements for the client:

  • Required operating system is Linux: Red Hat, Ubuntu, CentOS
  • Required software is zip (will be installed)
  • Installer requires to be installed using sudo or as root
  • The Skopos agent requires access via SSL, port 443

What does the installer do?

  • The installer creates a system user named skopos;
  • A systemd (time) service is added
  • The service will run twice a day
  • A private/public key pair will be generated to encrypt a random password
  • This password is used to zip the stack data and encrypt it
  • Twice daily this data will be shared via the Skopos api
  • Connection is made to
  • The private/public key pair will be renewed every week (per server)
  • Log information will be written to the system log

Steps to install:

Get the installer
    wget --no-check-certificate

Extract the files
    tar -xvf Skopos_client_workstation_linux.tar.gz

Navigate to the /skopos/Workstation folder

    cd skopos/Workstation

Start the installer
    sudo ./

Follow the installer and

  • Enter your e-mail address (you should have received an invitation e-mail on this address (Note: if packages are missing you might need to wait a bit during 'Checking prerequisites')

Using a repository

If you prefer to install the Skopos agent from our repository (at the moment we only provide a repository for Debian based systems), you can use the following commands (requirements are the same as described above):

For Intel/AMD based architecture:

Add the repository to the 'apt' sources lists

    sudo echo 'deb /' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/skoposclient.list

Download the public key and add the public key to the known and trusted keys

    sudo curl -L | sudo apt-key add -

Use apt update and install to update the repositories and install the Skopos client

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install skoposclientworkstation

Follow the installer and

  • Enter your e-mail address

New version can be installed through the regular apt commando's.