You can check the log files on Linux via:
    journalctl |grep skopos


    cat /var/log/syslog|grep skopos

On Windows you can check the events in the eventviewer.


In your Skopos dashboard the new asset should appear within 1 hour. If Skopos detects vulnerabilities you will receive a notification by email (unless you've disabled the email notifications).

To quickly see the Skopos engine at work, you can kick start the matching ahead of systemd by running with high privileges (e.g. using sudo):

This will push the data to the Skopos matching engine.


For Windows you can manually push data by opening a cmd.exe with Administrator privileges and issue the command:

"c:\Program Files\Skopos Security Labs B.V\Skopos Agent\SkoposWindowsClient.exe" /n